Connecting with Cricket

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Revolutionizing the game with seamless data cabling connectivity! 🏏🌐🔌 We’re proud to announce our latest data cabling installation at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, home to thrilling cricket matches and unforgettable moments! 💻💨 As technology continues to transform the way cricket is … Continued


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With football fever at it’s highest in 55 years (Although the Women’s team did us proud getting to the finals in ’84 and ’09), we’ll be firmly behind England on Sunday evening. Apologies to our Italian clients (And everyone else … Continued

Is it really coming home?

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It’s so close to coming home with just one more game to go then the final, thinking of our Danish clients as well. We’ll still support your Wi-Fi networks and data cabling either way #euros #football #clients

The BIG game

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Opinions are divided in the office and the Monday morning breakfast bets have been placed!Whomever you support, have a great game and a brilliant weekend#Euro #England #Scotland #football

New ball please!

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Another sports stadium with the team running data cables in, this is one of the best in the world, it is of course Edgbaston. Safety is of course a high priority so protection from bumps is taken very seriously.