Category 6a (Cat6a) is a high performance data cable designed to support 10 BASE-T Ethernet, 100BASE-TX fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet, 10GBase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It is backwards compatible with Cat6 and Cat5e, making it a good cabling solution to use throughout the entire network (backbone and horizontal cabling), or just on the backbone depending on your operational requirements.

When running 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Cat6a is a cost effective alternative to installing traditional multimode optical fibre. Installing Cat6a data cable is a reliable means of future proofing, especially if your aim is to install a network which will effectively support your organisation for ten or more years. Even if you have relatively low usage at this time, as your organisation grows so will your demand for data and high speed network performance.

Cat6a is a preferred standard for application in data centres and is also a widely used solution when installing next generation wireless points and IP CCTV camera’s as it operates at the PoE2 standard.

When installing Cat6a cabling in confined spaces, we would recommend using Leviton 10GPlus Zone Cable, which has a much smaller cable circumference that typical cat6a cable.

Microtech Communications are accredited installers of Leviton, Excel and HellermanTyton Cat6a data cabling, which benefits customers with a 25 year manufacturer backed guarantee on cable performance as well as Microtech’s two year workmanship warranty. Microtech also installs all other brands of Cat6a data cable, so if you have a site built on a particular brand, we can maintain your network using the same cable and performance specifications.

Whether you are modifying an existing network through adds, moves and changes, or installing a completely new data cabling network or comms room, Microtech can support your project. By understanding your operational needs, we can help to ensure your network is correctly specified, scalable and delivers the robustness you should expect from your network investment.

For further information on our Cat6a data cabling services or if you have a CCTV project requiring Cat6a data cabling, please call 0330 365 0007 for general advice and a no obligation quote.